Specialized in aerial imagery with drones in Montreal, our pilots excel in all areas of video production. Whatever your project, our team will lift it beyond your expectations! You want to make aerial images with our drones in downtown Montreal? We have the expertise!

We are the reference in aerial imagery with drones in montreal

Whether for television, cinema, advertising or industrial productions,
Our drone pilots are the most qualified in aerial imagery in Montreal. We have strict guidelines that meet the standards established by Transport Canada and Montreal Film and tv commission.

Special Flight Operations Certificate Operator of Complex UAV – Permanent
5812-413 / 04 / 2017-2018 RDIMS N ° 13019063

International notoriety

Pioneer in the drones industry,Diziflms team has developed unique operations procedures,practiced all over the world. Close DJI collaborator since the very beginning, the evolution of drones and its applications have an imprint signed “Dizifllms”.





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